Introduction to Fly Fishing For Beginners

Fly fishing is a fishing method that aims to catch fish using synthetic flies. Traditionally, salmon and trout are the sorts of fish caught utilizing this method. However, in current times, a variety of fish have been added to the checklist like pike, carp and also candy striped bass.

As an angling method, fly fishing differs from various other techniques in its strategy for casting. Other approaches count on the weight of the lure to draw the line.

But in fly angling, the line is cast rather than the lure because the lures utilized in this approach are very light which makes them difficult to cast.

Casting a line is sort of like cracking a whip. The line goes out and back much like a whip unfurling.

This fishing method has been about as very early as 200 AD. A Roman writer named Aelian discussed the topic in his treatise entitled Natural History.

In it he mentions the method of catching fish by the Macedonians. They used flies that they had made themselves in the process.

Based upon Aelian’s writing you can see how similar their fishing was to the modern-day fly fishing we are now discussing.

While it has been around for two millennia, fly fishing remains a relevant method of fishing and one many find enjoyable.

Intro to Flyfishing