Fly Fish Casting

Casting is a basic ability you have to learn in fly fishing. Hearing your line whiz by your ear with a perfect cast is like music to the ears of a new fisherman. It takes some practice, but isn’t too hard. Below are a few aspects of casting that you should remember when going fly angling for the very first time.

  • All of it starts with the grasp The correct casting hold is one which has the thumb on top of the pole. This makes sure the fisher can use a higher force when casting his or her line.
  • Prior to casting, any slack on the line must be eliminated. This permits a smooth movement as well as in reverse cast.
  • The line will fly towards the direction where the individual aims the pole when casting.
  • The dimension of the loop depends on how the pole’s tip is being moved when casting.
  • The range of a normal cast is normally a good distance from the caster, but depends on where the fish are and where you are trying to get your line to sink. Long distance casts are achieved by, you guessed it, practice, practice, practice (and a beer or two!)

Know this! You will not get this on your first try. Nonetheless, with the proper support from a more skilled buddy and a great deal of time devoted to practice, learning the right way of casting can be accomplished.

Ideally, 15-30 mins spent on practicing per day can really help a beginner get the hang of this. My first trip out that was pretty much all I did. My grandfather just let my try and try again and again. I got my line caught on things, hooked myself, and got things all tangled. If you’ve never tried this you will too. Trust me.

But, you will also start to see progress and get to where you can do it decently. Then you’ll improve and get to where you can sink your line right where you want to, like calling a shoot when playing pool – 8 ball in the corner pocket! Then you’ll be able to say, Here, fishie, fishie!

As a word of caution, practicing casting can be an unsafe task. (You COULD poke your eye out!) That is why novices are encouraged to do their practicing far from the water where other folks are trying to relax, fish and drink some beer!

Big, open areas, without anything that you can “hook” by mistake! Like your kid, or your buddy! Have fun! I promise you can get the hang of it. Ohh! My eye! Come on, dude! What did I just say!? Just kidding.

Fly Fish Casting