How To Make Your Own Compost

It is an undeniable fact that food scraps can be converted into useful compost. There are many ways to do this, but the most common and easiest method is to use worms in your compost pile. The composting process is easy to learn and is very effective at converting food scraps into a rich soil conditioner.

What is Compost?

Compost is a substance which is made from decomposed organic matter. This can include anything from food scraps to garden waste. It is usually used as a fertilizer for gardens and is also used in agriculture to improve soil quality. It is a natural product that is produced by the decomposition of organic matter. It is important to note that it does not need to be completely decomposed to be used as a fertilizer.

Why Do We Want to Compost?

Compacting the soil can improve its structure, increase the water holding capacity and make it more fertile. It can also help with weed control. Composting is also beneficial to the environment. It can help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

How Can I Compost?

There are many ways you can compost, but the most common and best way is to use worms in your pile. Worms will eat the food scraps, which will then break down further. They will also excrete nutrients back into the soil.

How Do I Use Worms?

You can purchase worms already grown, or you can grow your own worms. You can buy them from your local pet store or you can grow them yourself. It is recommended that you start off with about 10 worms per pound of food scraps. If you have access to a worm farm, you can purchase the worms directly from there. If you are growing your own worms, you will need to feed them a balanced diet of green leaves, sawdust and shredded newspaper. These worms will live for approximately two years and will produce about one ton of compost per year.

When should I add the worms?

Adding worms to your compost pile is done after about a week. They will eat the food scraps and excrete nutrients back into the pile. You should place the worms in the center of the pile. This is where they will live and breed. They can also be added to the pile when you are ready to turn it over.

How often should I turn my compost?

You should turn your pile every week or so. The worms will continue to eat the food scraps and excretes nutrients back into the soil. This will keep the pile active and encourage the growth of microorganisms.